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Heating Systems

Warm Water Under floor heating
This type of under floor heating utilizes extremely robust temperature resistant plastic pipes which carry low temperature hot water in a network of loops through the heated floor areas. These pipes can be installed into solid floor slabs or screeds, heat transmission plates for timber-built floors or into a variety of different ’carrier’ boards for different types of floor build up.

Air conditioning

Our specialist knowledge and experience in air conditioning service allows us to understand your needs, and ensures Bath Ave Plumbing and Heating Services provides you with the very latest in cost effective and environmentally friendly air conditioning systems.

Bath Ave Plumbing and Heating Services fixed air conditioning systems conform to all relevant US environmental legislation, including requirements related to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the Safe Handling of Refrigerant Gases. All our air conditioning systems use only non-ozone depleting refrigerants and highly energy efficient, inverter controlled equipment is selected wherever possible. This enables our customers to take full advantage of generous government-supported capital allowances and interest-free loans.
Working across a wide range of demanding industry sectors, we are the US's largest independent air conditioning installer and the US's biggest air conditioning service provider. Routine maintenance on your existing air conditioning system, or an urgent breakdown. We will provide you with a cost-effective solution - fast.