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Heating Systems

Warm Water Under floor heating
This type of under floor heating utilizes extremely robust temperature resistant plastic pipes which carry low temperature hot water in a network of loops through the heated floor areas. These pipes can be installed into solid floor slabs or screeds, heat transmission plates for timber-built floors or into a variety of different ’carrier’ boards for different types of floor build up.

New construction

Bath Ave Plumbing and Heating construction output grew by 3 per cent, compared with almost 5 per cent growth. The US market still dominates the global scene as the largest national construction market, representing 25 per cent of the world total. Japan is second, followed by China.
Bath Ave Plumbing and Heating has embraced the concept of design build as an effective delivery system for building owners.  We have the capability of providing engineering along with quality plumbing installation for owners who wish to use this method of construction.  Bath Ave Plumbing and Heating have developed guidelines for meeting with owners to determine exactly what they would like to have included and expect from their facilities. We have design build experience on manufacturing facilities, doctor’s offices, and churches and as recently allowed by law, Public Schools in US County. We have the experience to install a vast array of fluid or gas delivery systems as well as specialty drain systems to all types of equipment.